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As the name My Maugham Collection Concordance Library (MMCCL) suggests, this is intended to be a library of W. Somerset Maugham's works, as they come under the public domain for countries that extend the author's copyright to 50 years after death.

If you are interested in how I started My Maugham Collection, which is into its sixth year, please visit the original site About page.

I have organized Maugham's works into genres: novels, short stories, plays, non-fiction. Later I aim to label them in more categories to enhance searches, since at times we don't remember the title of the work we have in mind, but all that will come in due time.

There are a few things I would like to mention here that concerns My Maugham Collection Concordance Library (MMCCL):

  • Eventually this will contain W. Somerset Maugham's complete works and it will be a searchable database. Considering the amount that Maugham has written, it is a formidable task, but with time it will be accomplished.

  • The search function at the moment is dependent on a search engine provided by FreeFind. I am still studying how to customize it to my purpose and thus at the moment it is far from perfect in the way I would like it to work. My goal is still to build my own concordancer with a more traditional interface, sans ads, but all will come in good time.

  • You won't be able to leave any comment at MMCCL, please do so using the contact form at My Maugham Collection.

Without further ado, enjoy the site!